A New Conception of Information Literacy for the Digital Environment in Higher Education

Sharon Markless


This paper outlines the author’s intellectual journey towards a deeper understanding of the nature of information literacy and how IL learning can be supported. This work was stimulated by a consultancy in one UK university to recommend an appropriate IL framework for use on their VLE. The journey described here considers relevant principles of learning, the place of student reflection in IL learning, what IL in HE should encompass, the importance of context in developing IL, and the influence of the digital environment, especially Web 2.0. The main features of existing IL frameworks in HE are critiqued. A new IL framework is then offered along with a rationale for its appearance and use. The conclusion looks forward to continuing development of the ideas covered here.


information literacy; frameworks; learning theory; constructivism; learner context; student reflection; variation theory; Web 2.0 environment;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15845/noril.v1i1.17

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