Information Literacy Education for University Undergraduates: A case study in a Library initiative in University College, Cork, Ireland

Margot Conrick, Anita Wilcox


In Ireland, there is an identified need to address the inconsistency that exists in Undergraduate Education at entry to university level.  This article aims to provide a roadmap of generic skills teaching which in turn will form the foundation of a Teaching for Understanding (TFU) framework, as developed in " Ten Years at Project Zero: A Report on 1993 - 2002", Harvard Graduate Studies School of Education, in the 1990s (HGSE, 2003). Thus, at UCC, a structured, comprehensive and collaborative approach was used to develop a programme which would initially begin within the Library, but would also form the nucleus of, and have the potential to become, an all-inclusive Information and Communications Technology (ICT) type, university-wide, credit bearing module. To contextualise our model we will firstly look at the prevailing background to our project and review some of the existing literature and international standards on Information Literacy (IL).


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