High school teachers and librarians in cooperation throughout the Information Search Process

Karolina Hanberger, Sofia Gardell


At Hulebäck's Upper Secondary School, one fundamental goal is 'learning to learn'. An essential prerequisite for this is information literacy. We show how teachers and school librarians by cooperating in developing assignments can improve student's information literacy based on Carol Kuhlthau's Model of the Information Search Process.

The model of the ISP describes actions, thoughts and especially feelings of students involved in complex inquiry tasks. Some of the stages of this process are perceived as both confusing and frustrating and difficult for students to work through on their own (Kuhlthau, Caspari & Maniotes, 2007). There is a great need for guidance and intervention throughout the ISP and in our experience the teacher - librarian collaboration is key when it comes to developing tools to support the student in each stage.

In this presentation we focus on practical examples of exercises from our everyday work, based on the role of emotion as students engage in research. Our aim is to enhance each student's own awareness of the learning process by focusing on knowledge construction rather than product construction. "Information literacy is a way of thinking rather than a set of skills." (Kuhlthau, Caspari & Maniotes, 2012). This method also provides a useful framework for both students and teachers which we find leads to increased fulfillment of curricula.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15845/noril.v5i1.208

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