et bidrag i skriveprosessen til studenters akademiske tekster


  • Anne Lillevoll Lorange NTNU University Library
  • Solvor Solhaug NTNU University Library



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There is an ever-increasing demand for students to produce academic texts throughout the course of study. The new student coming straight from upper secondary education has little or no experience writing academic texts. To help these students, we started Writing night.

Writing Night is an evening event where students at NTNU Dragvoll get help writing academic texts and information literacy.

The event is a collaboration between NTNU University Library, the Dragvoll library and NTNU's Institute for Language and Literature (ISL). Writing Night takes place on the library premises one evening during the semester.

Writing Night is arranged to let the students choose how they want to spend the evening. They can sit and write on their own, get help from learning assistants from ISL, who walk around or go to workshops. The workshops we offer give students knowledge of various aspects of academic writing. During the first years of Writing Night, the library conducted workshops in literature search and reference management. This was later changed to one-to-one guidance stations. This change came after student feedback.

Student feedback indicates that they have gained more knowledge about academic writing and the event helped them to move on in their writing process. This has given them the confidence and sense of accomplishment they can use when working with academic texts.

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Anne Lillevoll Lorange, NTNU University Library

Senior Librarian

Solvor Solhaug, NTNU University Library

Research Librarian. Cand.polit 




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Lorange, A. L., & Solhaug, S. (2020). Skrivenatt: et bidrag i skriveprosessen til studenters akademiske tekster. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 12(2), 63–70.



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