Systematic searches

a new area of cooperation between the library and the social sciences




Systematic search


Recent years have seen increasing opportunities for libraries to participate in the research process of our patrons. Our skills in conducting thorough searches and documenting the search process in a transparent way, are highly sought after among researchers looking to write a systematic review article.

We give an overview of how this service can be provided in an academic library setting, emphasizing the need for close collaboration between library staff and researchers. We discuss the advantages and limitations of the tools we use, with the aim that others interested in systematic searches can get workable advice. With the increase in information available, researchers need help finding, sorting, screening and documenting the systematic search process. As research librarians we are uniquely positioned to participate in this process. Libraries looking to start offering this service needs to invest in their staff, affording them time to acquire the skill set as well as the time needed for the work involved in the systematic search projects.




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Jensen, M. R., & Solhaug, S. (2020). Systematic searches: a new area of cooperation between the library and the social sciences. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 12(2), 55–62.



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