Om forskningsstödjande tjänster för forskningsdata i UH-bibliotek


  • Karin Cecilia Rydving Universitetet i Bergen



Academic libraries, research data services, library skills, collaboration


This article presents data collected from a survey among the library directors of the 32 members of the UHR Library. The survey found that most academic libraries are currently offering or are planning to offer various consultative RDS, rather than technical or hands-on RDS. The majority of academic libraries provide support for training in skills related to RDS for their library staff. Almost all libraries collaborate with other units inside their institutions, or with outside institutions. The libraries reported they had or are planning to reassign existing staff to provide RDS. The library directors mainly agree on the importance of RDS among the academic libraries. This indicates that academic libraries want to continue to expand their responsibility within RDS through collaboration, and existing library staff.




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Rydving, K. C. (2020). Om forskningsstödjande tjänster för forskningsdata i UH-bibliotek. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 12(2).



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