A Late Night at the University Library: Supporting Students in the Final Phases of Essay and Thesis Writing

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Moberg, B., & Borgström, A. M. (2016). A Late Night at the University Library: Supporting Students in the Final Phases of Essay and Thesis Writing. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.15845/noril.v8i1.235


This poster outlines a strategy for both efficient use of library resources towards the end of semesters – when the library is filled with students stressed about essays and theses – and at the same time for caterings to students’ needs. For the past four semesters, the Karolinska Institutet University Library has arranged “a late evening at the library”, with a special program designed to help students. Our goal is that the students should be able to finish their work during the evening.  We seek to provide an opportunity for focused work with access to the resources that the students are asking for: drop-in consultations and mini lectures with writing tutors and librarians. To help the students stay focused and energized, the student health center offers advice on how to end procrastination, an instructor from the campus gym leads mini-exercise and yoga breaks, and complimentary snacks are offered. The event was inspired by the international “long night against procrastination”, which started in Germany 2010.

The late night at the library makes for a new way of reaching students and catering to their needs in a time-efficient manner. Although these evenings require some preparation, we are able to reach many students. In addition, students have the opportunity to get iterative support during their working process, allowing for highly efficient and stimulating work. Student response has been positive, and many students have used the opportunity to work intensely and make use of the support offered – some of them have also managed to finish their work during the evening!


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