Unboxing co-creation with students

Potentials and tensions for academic libraries


  • Christian Tang Lystbæk Aarhus University
  • Karen Harbo The Royal Danish Library
  • Christian Højbjerg Hansen The Royal Danish Library




Higher Education Academic Libraries Co-creation with students Conceptual model


Co-creation has received increasing interest as a way of develop products and services in collaboration with customers and clients. Recently, co-creation has been introduced in higher education; however, there is no general agreement about what this entails, and while the concept of co-creation has been used in a number of differing contexts, descriptions tend to focus on potentials only and not the tensions inherent in this kind of collaboration.

In this paper we describe a conceptual model for co-creation with students and explore the potentials as well as the tensions inherent in co-creation with students at academic libraries. Through a case study at The Royal Danish Library, Aarhus University Library we develop a conceptual model for co-creation with students that identifies the key aspects of co-creation with students and indicates its key potentials and tensions.

Author Biographies

Christian Tang Lystbæk, Aarhus University

Department of Business Development and Technology, Ph.d., Associate Professor

Karen Harbo, The Royal Danish Library

Aarhus University Library, Special Consultant

Christian Højbjerg Hansen, The Royal Danish Library

 Aarhus University Library, Research Librarian




How to Cite

Lystbæk, C. T., Harbo, K., & Hansen, C. H. (2019). Unboxing co-creation with students: Potentials and tensions for academic libraries. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 11(1), 3–15. https://doi.org/10.15845/noril.v11i1.2613