Vol 11 No 1 (2019): Creating Knowledge IX - Special issue
Creating Knowledge IX - Special issue


Jeannette Ekstrøm


Christian Tang Lystbæk, Karen Harbo, Christian Højbjerg Hansen
Unboxing co-creation with students: Potentials and tensions for academic libraries

Conference proceedings

Nina Bonderup Dohn
Knowledge and competence for a networked world
Jonas Petersson, Moa Hedbrant
Fifteen minutes of data: to approach complex matters in easy ways
Eystein Gullbekk, Therese Skagen, Hilde Westbye, Andrea Gasparini, Astrid Anderson, Jessica Lönn-Stensrud
Library interactions: Developing research-based teaching and learning
Birgit Hvoslef Dahl, Andrea Gasparini
FRILUX-ing: the new verb at the University of Oslo Library
Elisabeth Näverå, Maria Spante
Interprofessional Learning as Work-integrated Learning:: When Dialogues about Databases and Information Literacy create a platform for Learning
Anne Lillevoll Lorange
NTNU Academic Writing - developed with UX
Henry Langseth, Ingunn Rødland, Pål Steiner, Anne Sissel Vedvik Tonning
Digital Academic Writing Support
Mette Bechman, Jeanette Ekstrøm, Kirstin Remvig
Reference Management Tools - Same, Same but Different
Thomas Basbøll
The Archives of Babel A Wikipedia - Workshop
Hege Faber, Magnus Rom Jensen, Sara Røddesnes
NVivo – an Introduction
Falco Jonas Hüser, Paula Maria Martinez Lavanchy
Bringing Research Data Management to Academic Libraries
Manisha Bolina
Yewno Discover: Help your patrons engage, hypothesize and get more out of the library resources with AI
Christian Tang Lystbæk
Co-creating libraries? Who should be drawing the map of the library landscape?
Anna Gahnberg, Sonja Fagerholm, Karolina Karjalainen
Student active learning in net based education: Educational development in teaching of information literacy
Jozica Dolenc, Joachim Schnabl, Oliver Renn
Turning a library into a skill center for scientific information and knowledge management
Mai Trang Vu, Magnus Olsson
Co-redefining and co-creating Academic literacies in PhD education: Insights from a project at Umeå University Library, Sweden
Helle Brink, Tina Andersen
Creating new digital tools through co-creation activities with students
Karen Harbo, Karin Jönsson, Anne Sissel Vedvik Tonning
Nordplus Project: Networking, new skills and co-creation in Nordic Higher Education
Bergen Open Access Publishing