Knowledge and competence for a networked world


  • Nina Bonderup Dohn University of Southern Denmark




The world of today may be viewed as networked, both socially and technologically, with characteristics such as globalization, mobility of people across contexts, bottom-up user involvement, interweaving of physical and virtual contexts, and general pervasiveness of ICT. 

In her talk, Nina analyzes the competence demands which are posed on citizens in a networked world. She argues for a view of knowledge as a unity of experiential, practical, and propositional aspects, realized concretely in relation to the demands of the situation, yet points out that in a networked world, people are continuously required to use knowledge, learned in one setting, in new contexts. This raises the question of how people transform and resituate knowledge across contexts.

Finally, Nina discusses implications of her talk for design for learning the knowledge and competence required. Throughout the talk, she will engage in discussion with participants about the way her  heoretical points plays out in library practice and which roles libraries and librarians can have as facilitators of others’ development of knowledge and competence for a networked world.



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Dohn, N. B. (2019). Knowledge and competence for a networked world. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 11(1).