Fifteen minutes of data

to approach complex matters in easy ways


  • Jonas Petersson Uppsala University
  • Moa Hedbrant



The concept Fifteen minutes of data (Datakvarten) started during spring 2017. We saw a growing need to engage librarians with data, research data and related issues, and with the creation of our digital lab we got the final incentive. However, it is a new area to many and can be complex, so there was some hesitation and reluctance amongst our colleagues. This initiative aimed to integrate it in a nice and easy way to our daily work. We wanted to develop a competence on the subject within our whole unit but needed to fit the learning process into already busy schedules.

The fifteen minutes of data happened on our regular unit meetings, occurring every other week. Workshop sessions were mixed with lectures and seminar methods to engage everyone in different ways. We tried to follow a logic path in pic of topics, to start with the basics and step up the complexity bit by bit. Topics could be about what data really is, PSI (Public sector information), visualisation, data literacy and data formats. The year ended up with a quiz to repeat the most important. We had a logotype and used a special jingle to introduce each session, which was much appreciated.

 It was important to meet the whole unit, with different previous knowledge and interest. Fifteen minutes is not a long time, but we can conclude that it was worth the effort and planning time – it went well and the concept will continue throughout 2018. With the presentation we want to highlight the concept and encourage others to try it, but also raise questions about what every librarian should know and master about data. What trends do you see? What lies ahead?



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Petersson, J., & Hedbrant, M. (2019). Fifteen minutes of data: to approach complex matters in easy ways. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 11(1).