Co-creating libraries?

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Lystbæk, C. (2019). Co-creating libraries?. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, 11(1).



Co-creation is receiving increasing interest as a way to involve users in the design and development of goods  and services in many areas of life, including libraries. The concept of co-creation challenges established roles  and relationships between “producers” and “consumers” of services by suggesting that neither the  producers nor the consumers are able to create appropriate services alone, rather services should be co- created, i.e. created together. Thus, while co-creation as a term is new, the basic idea is not. It draws on  normative ideals with an impressive intellectual heritage, such as democratic citizenship and civil society. 

In his talk, Christian will sum up on what we know about co-creation and discuss its relevance for the library landscape. The discussion centers around the question: Who should be drawing the map of the library landscape?

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