Vol 3 No 1 (2011): Creating Knowledge VI - Special Issue
Creating Knowledge VI - Special Issue

Conference proceedings

Ralph Catts
Teaching and learning in higher education in regard to information literacy and diversity
Vidar Gynnild
Teaching and learning in higher education in regard to information literacy and diversity
Bill Johnston
Teaching and learning in higher education in regard to information literacy and diversity
Erda Lapp
Piloting a National Online Tutorial in Slavic Information Literacy: The LOTSE-Slavic Studies Project at Bochum University Library, Germany
Kari Smith
Challenges posed by diversity: looking at language and assessment
Andrew Whitworth
The three domains of value: Why IL practitioners must take a holistic approach
Susie Andretta
Transliteracy the latest stage of the literacy continuum
Sheila Corrall
Mapping Staff Competencies for Information Literacy Interventions
Nancy Goebel
Evaluation and Assessment in Information Literacy: WASSAIL as a tool to support diverse methods
Thomas Vibjerg Hansen
Information literacy, diversity and the role of reflection in creating knowledge
Faith Beatrice Akiteng, Maria G.N. Musoke
Challenges posed by diversity in Academic institutions as they implement Information Literacy: the experiences of Makerere University Library in Uganda
Gunhild Austrheim
Writing learning cases for an information literacy tutorial
Torunn Skofsrud Boger, Anne-Lise Eng
Student perspective on plagiarism
Jette Hyldegård
Between myth and reality: an exploratory study of secondary school pupils’ information behavior
Anne Kakkonen, Antti Virrankoski
Teacher-librarian collaboration (TLC) in a highly diverse branch: supporting information literacy of geography students
Peter Kåhre
Distributed artificial intelligence, diversity and information literacy
Susanne Mikki, Ingrid Cutler
Publishing Literacy for Researchers
Luciana Goulart Oliveira
Intellectual Property and the Changing of Information Professional Curricula: a huge necessity
Virpi Palmgren, Kirsi Heino
“Tools for master’s thesis”: making the most of a diverse learning environment
Chiara Ravagni
The Web as Information Source: a Case Study on the Impact of Internet Search Lessons
Sonja Spiranec, Mihaela Banek Zorica
Changing anatomies of Information Literacy at the postgraduate level: refinements of models and shifts in assessment
Karin Süld, Eli Bytoft-Nyaas
Sustainable collaboration: a method to integrate discipline-sensitive information literacy modules at program levels
Sirje Virkus
Development Of Information-Related Competencies In European ODL Institutions
Eva Dohnalkova
Scope of information literacy support provided by university libraries in the Czech Republic: state of the art report
Andrea Alessandro Gasparini
Learning possibility with Google Wave in a mixed cultural landscape
Niall McSweeney, Margot Conrick, Richard Bradfield, David Edward Macnaughton
Graduate Information Skills
Sheila Webber
Developing diverse learners’ conceptions of information literacy through different tools and spaces
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