Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education

Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education (NORIL) is a peer reviewed open access journal. Information literacy is a multidisciplinary field as it is the subject of both academic research, as well as of library pedagogical practice. The development of knowledge in the field is nourished by perspectives from different academic disciplines, such as pedagogy, sociology, media studies, library and information science and psychology.

We would like to invite article authors and book reviewers who can contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between research-based knowledge and learning processes in Higher Education, and teaching practices within the field of information literacy.

Current Issue

Vol 11 No 1 (2019)
Published June 28, 2019


Jeannette Ekstrøm


Christian Tang Lystbæk, Karen Harbo, Christian Højbjerg Hansen
Unboxing co-creation with students: Potentials and tensions for academic libraries

Conference proceedings

Nina Bonderup Dohn
Knowledge and competence for a networked world
Jonas Petersson, Moa Hedbrant
Fifteen minutes of data: to approach complex matters in easy ways
Eystein Gullbekk, Therese Skagen, Hilde Westbye, Andrea Gasparini, Astrid Anderson, Jessica Lönn-Stensrud
Library interactions: Developing research-based teaching and learning
Birgit Hvoslef Dahl, Andrea Gasparini
FRILUX-ing: the new verb at the University of Oslo Library
Elisabeth Näverå, Maria Spante
Interprofessional Learning as Work-integrated Learning:: When Dialogues about Databases and Information Literacy create a platform for Learning
Anne Lillevoll Lorange
NTNU Academic Writing - developed with UX
Henry Langseth, Ingunn Rødland, Pål Steiner, Anne Sissel Vedvik Tonning
Digital Academic Writing Support
Mette Bechman, Jeanette Ekstrøm, Kirstin Remvig
Reference Management Tools - Same, Same but Different
Thomas Basbøll
The Archives of Babel A Wikipedia - Workshop
Hege Faber, Magnus Rom Jensen, Sara Røddesnes
NVivo – an Introduction
Falco Jonas Hüser, Paula Maria Martinez Lavanchy
Bringing Research Data Management to Academic Libraries
Manisha Bolina
Yewno Discover: Help your patrons engage, hypothesize and get more out of the library resources with AI
Christian Tang Lystbæk
Co-creating libraries? Who should be drawing the map of the library landscape?
Anna Gahnberg, Sonja Fagerholm, Karolina Karjalainen
Student active learning in net based education: Educational development in teaching of information literacy
Jozica Dolenc, Joachim Schnabl, Oliver Renn
Turning a library into a skill center for scientific information and knowledge management
Mai Trang Vu, Magnus Olsson
Co-redefining and co-creating Academic literacies in PhD education: Insights from a project at Umeå University Library, Sweden
Helle Brink, Tina Andersen
Creating new digital tools through co-creation activities with students
Karen Harbo, Karin Jönsson, Anne Sissel Vedvik Tonning
Nordplus Project: Networking, new skills and co-creation in Nordic Higher Education
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