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Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education (NORIL) is a peer reviewed open access journal. Information literacy is a multidisciplinary field as it is the subject of both academic research, as well as of library pedagogical practice. The development of knowledge in the field is nourished by perspectives from different academic disciplines, such as pedagogy, sociology, media studies, library and information science and psychology.

We would like to invite article authors and book reviewers who can contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between research-based knowledge and learning processes in Higher Education, and teaching practices within the field of information literacy.

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Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education is open for submissions of research articles, best practice articles and bookreviews. Contributions are accepted in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2016): Creating Knowledge VIII - Special Issue

Table of Contents


Creating Knowledge VIII: Practices, goals and visions for information literacy in higher education PDF
Astrid Margrét Magnúsdóttir, Hafdís Dögg Hafsteinsdóttir 1-2

Conference proceedings

From Quest to Conquer: Traversing General Education at a Diverse Alaskan University to Integrate and Assess Transferable Information Literacy Skills in Foundational Courses PDF
Anna Bjartmarsdóttir, Deborah L. Mole 3-8
Framing Information Literacy
Anneke Dirkx
Integration of Information Literacy into the Curriculum: Constructive Alignment from Theory into Practice
Claes Dahlqvist, Stina Larsson
Embedded Peer Inquiry Specialists: A Gateway to Information Literacy
Danielle Salomon, Julia Glassman, Simon Lee, Alicia Reiley
Doctoral Students Becoming Researchers: An Innovative Curriculum
Deborah S. Garson
Smart Tools for Academic Information Seeking
Eeva Koponen, Tiia Puputti
Variations on the Theme of Information Literacy – Implementation of Information Literacy into the First-Year Curriculum at Åbo Akademi University PDF
Eva Costiander-Huldén, Linda Nisula, Anna Sundberg 9-14
Constructive Alignment as a Means to Establish Information Literacy in the Curriculum PDF
Fredrik Eriksson 15-19
Integrating Reference Practices and Information Literacy in Academic Writing: A Collaboration Between Faculty and Library
Miguel Garcia Yeste, Karin Pettersson, Anna Svensson
Teaching the Next Generation of Information Literacy Educators: Pedagogy and Learning
Sheila Webber, Pam McKinney
"What Today's University Students Have Taught Us”
Alison J. Head
How Much Do Nursing and Teacher Education Students in Norway Learn about Information Literacy in Their First Months of Higher Education?
Ellen Nierenberg
Implementing Team Based Learning in an Information Literacy Course
Marijn Post, Marja Duizendstraal, Renée de Waal, Marian van Harmelen
Practical Usage of Multiple-Choice Questions as Part of Learning and Self-Evaluation Poster (PDF)
Paula Kangasniemi
Expectations and Experiences of Information Literacy Instruction
Saga Pohjola-Ahlin
Partners in Information Literacy: The Research Mentor Program at UNH Manchester
Annie Donahue, Kim Donovan
Focusing on Students: Librarians and Writing Tutors Working Together
Miritt Zisser, Bodil Moberg, Anna M Borgström
A Late Night at the University Library: Supporting Students in the Final Phases of Essay and Thesis Writing
Bodil Moberg, Anna M. Borgström
We Have to Talk about Collaboration: How a University Library and Writing Centre Work Together to Better Help Students with Information Literacy
Magnus Olsson, Annika Bindler
Teaching Information Literacy for Engineering Students in a Rapidly Changing Information Landscape
Rosa Lönneborg, Göran Hamrin, Maria Unger
Unifying Librarian Skills with Students’ Need for Information Literacy
Helle Brink, Tine Furbo Carlsen
How can the digital library contribute to employability? PDF
Karen Harbo, Thomas Skov Jensen 20-29
Teaching Information Literacy for Lifelong Professional Use PDF
Margrethe Bakstad Søvik 30-37
A Design-Based Research Project on Information Literacy Focusing on Process, Reflections and Self-Feedback
Majbritt Ursula Johansen, Kirstin Remvig
Hooking Up Data with Literacy: Creating an Educational Framework for Uppsala University Library PDF
Nadja Duffner-Ylvestedt, Johanna Rayner 38-44
Flipped versus Traditional Classroom Information Literacy Sessions: Student Perceptions and Cognitions PDF
Torstein Låg 45-50

University of Bergen Library

ISSN: 1890-5900